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We celebrate those who explore urban environments with a bold and audacious attitude. Embracing the unexpected everyday. Conform only to your own expectation. Be free and confident. Discover beyond boundaries. #DARETHEUNKNOWN Palladium shoes are created for powerful strides, and powerful people take powerful strides. Palladium boots and shoes are more than just a comfortable and waterproof shoe; for Palladium products are a symbol of resistance and freedom. Designed for anyone who dares to blaze their own path, Palladium boots and shoes come in styles for men, women, and kids. Our iconic brand embodies rebellious music culture and city life, as each of our signature Palladium shoes - boots, high tops, and sneakers - stand for liberation and freedom of expression.
Freedom: to speak, to love, and to express. Palladium prides itself in the message our brand promotes, as we seek to empower individuals to fight for what they believe in. By creating one of the first ecological shoes to exist, in 1991, we also pride ourselves in practicing what we preach and staying true to our values. We now offer a collection of sustainable shoes, the Organic Collection, made from 20 percent recycled materials and bio-degradable plastic, because, with great style comes great responsibility.




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